The Society

Tom ZOmbie Historical Society Logo

The Tom Zombie Historical Society is comprised of a group of community minded intellectuals who use what knowledge and resources they have to protect the reign of mankind from unnatural threats. Though the society has long existed outside the realm of written word with the coming of the Contract of Veils in 2010 it was decided that a visible face must be made available to allow the public, on whom the contract depends, to understand the stakes involved in controlling the Tom Zombie curse. Thus it was decided that this website should be constructed.


To use mythology and local history to: 

  1. Protect our region from the deadly Tom Zombie Curse.
  2. Stimulate economic activity in South Western Ontario.
  3. Educate about local history and support local heritage landmarks.
  4. Help community organizations and businesses participate & thrive.
  5. Enrich local arts and culture.

The Beginning

Incidents were occurring regularly in the decades that followed 1807, the birth of what had then been called the “Tom Flower Curse.” Every year it seemed some new threat rose up leaving a deadly toll in its wake; a new Tom Flower leading an undead band into crazed murder and nightmares. As time went on some began to notice and compile these stories, even investigate them.

In 1886, Benjamin Fish Austin, Principal of Alma College and an avid believer in Mysticism, founded what he called, “The Order of Ten.” He named it after a man he admired greatly, defamed poet and philosopher Toby Ten whose writings were the first and only accounts that gave hints as to the rules that governed the curse and its connection to the ancient artifact that had spawned it: the Trimeric Bell and its heart, the Triarc or Godstone.

Many in the order were eradicated in the Rain of Fire train disaster that befell St. Thomas in 1887. Based on society research this disaster was no accident and the society has since learned that it was indeed the very first overt assault undertaken by the society`s nemesis, the Othorder. The very same order whom parleyed with the society in 2010 to hammer out the Contract of Veils.

The society operated in the shadows for many decades only taking on the name of the Tom Zombie Historical Society as part of its obligations under the Contract of Veils. The Contest which chooses a new Tom Zombie every year must be public and for the plan to last, where all other plans to curtail the power of the Godstone have faltered over the eons, it must be popular and entertaining; yet another grim irony.


The Legend of Tom Zombie

They say that Tom is cursed by love,
That he can`t see the veil,
They say the dead hear him standing above,
And from encrusted crypts they rail,
(An excerpt from a British infantry marching manual dated 1812)