It is clear now that the curse encompasses all the lands developed by Colonel Thomas Talbot (shown in pink). This is a great swath encompassing much of South-Western Ontario. Distinct within this area, the society has discovered, are focal points which seem to generate more supernatural activity than the other areas. The town of St. Thomas is the most massive of these but many exist of varying sizes.

A map of the area where Tom Zombie incidents have taken place.

Aylmer has one major Tom Zombie Incident that has to this date been fully documented and can be presented here. It is the Tom Zombie Incident of 1867 involving the destruction of the Malahide Drill House.

In Town Locations:
Aylmer Fair Grounds – Where the Drill House was burnt down in 1867.

One of the most famous Tom Zombie Incidents culminated in London at the London Roundhouse in 1887 after the Trimeric Bell was brought there by Bernard Yacot, a man that still grieved the loss of his wife six years previous. The London Roundhouse was ungoing renovations in 2014 when evidence was discovered hidden within its walls that told the story of the Rain of Fire Train disaster from a brand new perspective and helped researchers peice together a coherent story arc.

In Town Locations:

  • The London Roundhouse – Where the Tom Zombie curse turns Cannon Moore in 1887.
  • Thames River | Springbank Park – Where the 1881 Victoria Day Ferry Disaster took place.
  • London Asylum For The Insane – Where Theodore Bucke practiced in 1887.

Middlemarch was where the Tom Zombie Incident of 1894 took place.

Port Stanley was where David Ramsey discovered the ancient crypt that held the Trimeric Bell in 1796. From here it took less than a decade for the Tom Flower Curse to be born and the very first Tom Zombie to walk the earth.

St. Thomas has long been understood as the centre of the Tom Zombie curse and legend. It is where the original story of tragic love, betrayal and murder catapulted the curse into existence and the location where the majority of Tom Zombie Incidents have centred. Here is a preliminary list: In Town Locations: Legends Tavern – Dake House Hotel where the Order of Ten was supposed to meet in 1887. Princess Playhouse Theatre – Where the train saboteur hid after the Rain of Fire. Port Stanley & London Train Station – Where Jumbo was hit by a train in 1885. Elgin County Railway Museum – Where the Tom Zombie Festival occurs each year. St. Thomas City Hall – Where the Transition Ceremony for the new Tom Zombie occurs every year.

1805 (Origin Story)

1876 (Mac Remington Encounter)

1885 (Jumbo`s death)

1887 (Rain of Fire)

The Legend of Tom Zombie

They say that Tom is cursed by love,
That he can`t see the veil,
They say the dead hear him standing above,
And from encrusted crypts they rail,
(An excerpt from a British infantry marching manual dated 1812)