The Lore

Toby Ten, banned African American PoetThe beginnings of the Lore surrounding the Legend of Tom Zombie were compiled by Toby Ten, a banned African American poet who died in 1848. His work writing simple rhymes around the stories he heard throughout the South-Western Ontario region are the basis for almost all the investigations which followed in subsequent years. This is why Toby Ten is still considered to be the first member of the Order of Ten, despite the official sanction it received when Benjamin Fish Austin re-established the Order in early 1886. Despite setbacks The Order of Ten and its agents and researchers have worked diligently throughout the decades to compile information about the Tom Zombie Curse and other events which defy known science. Much of what they have compiled is within this website. That said, much is left to learn. We in the Tom Zombie Historical Society are committed to making all the information public as soon as we can.

Here is a glossary of terms used throughout Tom Zombie Literature. Do you want to know what the "Triarc" is or what defines a "Tom Zombie Incident" then you need to explore this appendix. 

Poetry and artwork of all types have been produced to capture the horror and awe of the Tom Zombie Legend. See and hear just some of them here.

The words ‘Tom Zombie’ from one, is just a little bit of fun. The words ‘Tom Zombie’ from two, delivers a clue. The words ‘Tom Zombie’ from three, well that sets hell free. 

The Legend of Tom Zombie

They say that Tom is cursed by love,
That he can`t see the veil,
They say the dead hear him standing above,
And from encrusted crypts they rail,
(An excerpt from a British infantry marching manual dated 1812)