The Contract of Veils is the first of its kind in History. It represents a precedent setting event that has allowed ancient forces to bargain in mutual interest to control an artifact that has shown itself to be unpredictable and destructive to all who attempt to control it.

Contract of Veils

This contract is so decided on the last Saturday of September, 2010 between:

The Tom Zombie Historical Society, otherwise known as the Order of Ten and hereby referred to as “The Order.”


The faction of Halo Ragfesta, or “the oligarchy of the damned” or “the Othorder” hereby referred to as “The Othorder.”

Whereas The Order wishes to neutralize the artifact known as the Trimeric Bell and its Heart, the mighty Triarc or “Godstone” 


Whereas The Othorder wishes to limit the power of the rebel relic known as the Triarc 

It is so determined that both willingly enter into this agreement.

Released Excerpts Thus far:

1.4.1: And as this contract is struck let it be known that even though there will be pension for the election of but one to host a tormented, the tormented be of two, forever in-tangled in the knot of eternity. In this way the tormented will be as one yet forever apart, each enjoying time determined by gender in the realm of the living. Thus it is that the curse shall be satisfied for one more year.

1.8.5: And it is agreed that this bargain is sealed and sworn upon by the Order and the Othorder. The Order, who are and shall ever be the possessors of the Triarc, shall administer the ritual of protection hence forth once per annum.

1.9.0: Five are required to fulfill that which is decided today.
1.9.1: One to carry the burden, one to be their lover, two to sanctify the curse and one to see it done.
1.9.2: And there shall be a middle; a place where souls meet and depart, and this vessel shall take the name of master.
1.9.3: And he shall have decree and keep the contract sacred. Thus it is that the curse shall be controlled for one more year.

2.0.1: And those who profess sanctity and wish to see the lands of Colonel Thomas Talbot saved must show their sincerity. Let it be recognized and judged that the people of the curse must work to keep their towns safe.

2.1.5: This Proclamation to the Thrall Shall Proceed all Tom Zombie Festivals. It Shall be recited by the Master of Transition and shall be broadcast so that all who visit will understand and recognize its dire warning:

"To all who attend this faithful day give me your ear. This document has been translated for purposes of the Tom Zombie festival as a ledger of the grand bargain sealed between nether world entities to allow said curse to be contained. All those who profess to join in this ritual of protection must abide by the rules written here within. Not so doing may render the conscript of the grand bargain null and void and thus unleash the foul curse once again upon the good people of St. Thomas. These rules are written thus:"

"All those who attend the festival must treat fellow denizens with due respect and honour."

"All those who attend the festival must listen and heed the instruction of those who have been officially sanctioned to direct the thrall."

"All those who attend the festival must refrain from activities dangerous to mind or body and treat said surroundings with due respect and awe."

"All those who attend the festival must assure the assets of their aesthetic vulgarity remain contained in the semblance of their own decorum."

"All those who attend the festival must refrain from the use of logic destabilizing beverages and chemicals."

"All those who attend the festival must make imagery to which they will proliferate into the ethereal realms called the internet so naming our said festival."

"Those who have come from far a field are much valued for their commitment to protect our cursed, yet hallowed land. Let those powers which grace us be reconciled to the menagerie of foul bargains fed by the sweat of desperation, fear and yes, death. Come one and all to the ritual; the St. Thomas Tom Zombie Festival, yours now and always! Welcome! Welcome and thank you!"

3.2.6: And through competition let the most deserving of the curse become its vessel and let the people of the ritual hold sway over those judged. By measure both new and old, valuable and mundane, wicked yet entertaining.  Let this ritual be held in awe and with due sentiment, for it is sanctioned by powers beyond all present and all forgotten.

Transition Ceremony
3.2.7: And the transition shall find perch upon the hall of power and upon that hall the bargain kept for all who value peace and harmony. Let the master of transition lead the ritual thus:
3.2.8: Upon transition the passing vessel shall ring the trimeric bell three times, each ring followed by the thrall echoing the past name of the newly cursed.
3.2.9: Upon completion let the bell be passed and rung by the new vessel three times, each ring followed by the name of the curse, then the ritual completed by the holler and cheer of the thrall. 

"We are Saved! We are saved! We are saved!"

The Legend of Tom Zombie

They say that Tom is cursed by love,
That he can`t see the veil,
They say the dead hear him standing above,
And from encrusted crypts they rail,
(An excerpt from a British infantry marching manual dated 1812)